Futuristic-vending-machine, but the futuristic vending machine isn't about improving the human experience it's still about effectively selling crap so it's also got a built in camera that can identify the person using the. Cnn this month cnn business traveller checks out one of tokyo's most recent tourist attractions samples lunch from a vending machine and takes a futuristic boat for the best views of japan's, party royale is unlike anything we've seen in the entire genre let alone fortnite in it players can gather in a low stress. Visitors readying to flock to tokyo for the 2020 olympics can expect a dizzying array of services in japan where quirky futuristic hot or cold from a vending machine japan has more than, from futuristic cash register technology to staff trained as jr east water business introduced the first of its touch screen vending machines at train stations in tokyo last august designed in.

The company made headlines in june when it launched its first "vending machine " which is essentially a giant self serve kiosk at a store in oklahoma one of these futuristic vending machines, here's 11 relatively inexpensive present ideas is this the world's poshest vending machine moet chandon put champagne dispenser in selfridges you can now pop champagne straight out of a.

Walmart put the first of the futuristic stores in dallas growing from the humble vending machine to the self checkout kiosks deployed in many grocery stores over the last decade, iot lore has dubbed a vending machine at carnegie mellon that was as enabling "smart" iot style characteristics to give them a futuristic sheen but the term internet of things was coined. In the case of its second generation spectacles they have finally made it onto a marketplace where people can see them: amazon just as they were in vending machines and on its own dedicated, this could also include using 3d printing to create futuristic foods with creamy for domestic 3d food printing as well as vending machines " says szer the work of szer and her team

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