World, cambodian police on friday ruled out a probe into the alleged disappearance of a self exiled thai democracy activist after a. Dutch prime minister mark rutte said his attitude towards "black pete" a figure from the country's winter holiday, the president withdrew the u s from the iran nuclear agreement in 2018 and has urged other signatories to do the same but. Kenya on world environment day barred all single use plastics such as water bottles and straws from its national parks, iran claims to have sent back an american prisoner and received an iranian prisoner on thursday a day after both countries.

Australian police on friday moved to ban a black lives matter protest planned in sydney citing the risk of spreading the, malaysia's former prime minister najib razak was victimized by rogue bankers and should be acquitted of corruption linked to. At least the dead will always be there all too many have been for 76 years since that fateful june 6 on france's normandy, the great granddaughter of famed taarab singer siti binti saad pays homage to a powerful female legacy in her own elastic. Yves le drian on friday reiterated his demands for iran to release french iranian academic fariba adelkhah whom iran has


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